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Bratty Foot Girls - Cadence's Stinky Feet Exchange

Bratty Foot Girls - Cadence's Stinky Feet Exchange

Cadence knows her boyfriends room mate has just got paid and wants to borrow some to take out her bf for his birthday coming up. Unfortunately Jason tells her that he owes him money for rent and there's no chance he can lend her any cash. Cadence tries to plead with him to no avail. She kinda gives up on the idea and her mind shifts back to how tight her legs are after working out at the gym. She asks Jason if he can help stretch her out and he obliges as she puts her legs up and he pushes back on them. She removes her sweaty shoes and suddenly Jason can't help but sniff them. Cadence catches him out and asks why he sniffed her feet? He stutters but it becomes clear her has a stinky foot fetish! She offers him an exchange. If he gives her the money to take out her man, he can sniff her feet as much as he wants. He agrees and is soon under her smelly soles as she starts to get into it and dominate him!

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