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Bratty Foot Girls - Goddess Amadahy - After Gym Stinky Feet Deal

Bratty Foot Girls - Goddess Amadahy - After Gym Stinky Feet Deal

After working out together, Jason comes back to Amadahy's place to hang for a bit. She removes her sweaty sneakers and keeps her stinky socks on for a bit. Jason sits down on thefloor near her feet on the couch. She warns him not to sit near her feet as her feet and socks stink really bad. Jason tells her it's not a big deal and lounges back, He tries to get a sneaky sniff in when he thinks she isn;t looking but she see's him and asks him what her feet smell like. He tries to describe it. She then tells him to remove her socks for her as she can tell he's kinda into it. She invites him to sit back up on the couch and shoves her feet into his face, she loves that he's into this. She plays into his fetish and makes him smell her feet while teasing him that he's into feet. He finally admits to it. She asks him if his girlfriend knows about his fetish. He gets down and really starts sniffing her smelly soles. She tellshim they can do this more as long as he does something for her in exchange.

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