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MONICA and VALENTINA Dumb slave girl for aunt and niece

MONICA and VALENTINA  Dumb slave girl for aunt and niece
Monica is Valentina's aunt .. Today she came to visit her niece to humiliate this stupid slave girl christina together. Why not? Is it only young 19 year old girls like Valentine who can humiliate slaves? Not! Adult 53 year old Monica also likes it! Monica orders christina to kiss her feet and the slave girl does it with pleasure so as not to upset her Mistresses. Monica doesn't always like christina's work and she often spits in her face and humiliates her morally. It's time to worship Valentina's feet, but first she need to lick her sneakers. The slave girl polishes them with her tongue, but for this she receives only insults, but not a reward. christina sniffs Valentina's socks and pushes them into her mouth .. she chews them and gets spit in her face. "Can't you smell our feet? Do you know they're sweaty? Do something!" - Says Monica and christina licks the sweaty feet of her two Mistresses. Aunt and niece had a good time with their slave girl today.

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