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Princess Cindi - The School Girl And The Loser

Princess Cindi - The School Girl And The Loser

A Young School Girl that knows she was born to be a Goddess is about to have a party. The clip starts off with Princess Cindi in a usual looking School Girl Outfit, with bare legs and wearing her favorite pair of flats walking back home with Her secret Old Man Slave, who she ordered to spend his entire lunch break shopping for her. He is holding all her bags n then serving her at home. She is a super bratty Young Goddess and arrives home with her slave following behind, looking exhausted, holding all her bags and she Immediately jump on the sofa and orders her slave to put the bags away and get on his knees to spend the rest of his lunch break at her Feet.

Princess Cindi is an intelligent and Super Bratty School Girl who has a Man three times her age shaking, tired and financially drained by a her a Young Female Supremacist. She lifts her foot and orders him to remove her shoe and start massaging her feet..Now she starts with Your plans for Your Super Bratty School Girl Party.

You Outline what You Want, when You want it and How You want it.You demand and Your slave obediently agrees.You then simply verbally humiliate him.mock him for how she is a Young Girl and has a man three times his age completely Broken and on the verge of Crying..all whist on his knees massaging Your feet while You sit back and ignore him.

You then Order him to lick and worship your feet and demand every last penny off of him while you ignore him and talk to your friends on the phone..You Eventually make him say a prayer and Bow down ten times before You, and then you Slap him, kick him and then you send him off to go back to work and make you more money!

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