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Czech Soles - Blue Kate - Robber gets beaten and foot humiliated

Czech Soles - Blue Kate - Robber gets beaten and foot humiliated

A robber gets a tip on an empty place, owners are not home and it's loaded with expensive stuff. It's something her can't let pass. So he gets in and starts to go over some shelves in the hall looking for stuff to steal and he's really excited because the shelves are loaded! What he doesn't know is that the owner's wife is at home, that she has just returned from her kickboxing lesson and she's a killer fighter. The noise the robber makes wakes her up and she goes to check up on what's going on. As soon as she sees the robber she attacks him and overwhelms him with punches and kicks until he drops on the ground helplessly. Now he's fucked up! She ties him up to a chair and as he wakes up she starts to torture him with her smelly gym bare feet. He has to smell them, she rubs his face in her sweaty soles and he begs to be let go, he has enough of her feet and he's so humiliated that girl first beat him up and now he has to worship her feet as punishment. It's really too much for him to be foot smothered and dominated like this.

Model: Blue Kate
Format: MP4
Quality: 1920x1080
File Size : 541 MB
Duration: 00:14:37


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