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Czech Soles Mean snobby girl verbal and shoe humiliation spitting on loser part 1

Czech Soles  Mean snobby girl  verbal and shoe humiliation spitting on loser  part 1

Jack is trying to pick up Daniela for quite some time now. Hes hitting on her even today and he invited her to his place. He actually thinks Daniela likes him but she turn out to be a real mean ball-buster.

Jack is flirting and touching her but Daniela really doesnt want him touching her and she starts to be mean. Calling him a loser and showing him her middle finger and Jack is kind of helpless. He begs her not to be so mean and he tries to explain he likes her, thats all. But for Daniela, Jack really is a stupid loser and all hes good for is to pay for her and buy her new shoes and stuff. Jack still resists and doesnt want to except hes a complete loser for Daniela so she spits in his stupid face. Jack is shocked, helpless and humiliated. He starts to beg her not to spit on him and call him names and not to be so mean to him but that only provokes Daniela to spit on him over and over and humiliate his as the loser he is to her.

Jack is broken now, hes on his knees before Daniela and shes threatening to kick him in the balls unless hes gonna get down at her feet and start licking her shoes. And soles too! Such a loser should pay me to let him lick the bottoms of my shoes she says and spits on the floor, steps in it with her shoe and says Lick it off! Now!! Do it you loser!!! and Jack, really humiliated and broken at Danielas feet, starts to lick her own spit from the bottom of her shoes. Thats a new low for him. She own his ass and his balls right now! This is yet gonna be fun for Daniela.

Care to watch this humiliation?

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