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Rootdawg25 Cum in Your Pants with Scarlett Storm

Rootdawg25  Cum in Your Pants with Scarlett Storm

Scarlett Storm (wearing a casual outfit) has asked her college professor (rootdawg) for a ride home. The good professor believes this provide an excellent opportunity to pass along a few tips in order to improve her grades. Scarlett is not interested in any advice the professor has to offer. She has already noticed how much the good professor enjoys staring at her bare feet. Her feet are stinky and she knows it will be just what the professor is in need of. She begins to rub her feet over his body and up to his face. She puts her stinky bare feet on the mans face in order for him to get a good whiff of her smelly soles. She uses her other foot to rub over his trousers to increase the growing erection. Scarletts hopes the professor will cum in his trousers and become a slave to her stinky bare feet.

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