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Mistress Anna Elite - SUCK MY SWEATY TOES

Arriving home from the gym, I am more than ready to put my male slave's mouth to use. Still dressed in gym wear, I have him kneel before my trainers whilst I explain what is required of him. My pretty, little size 3 feet have been sweating away in my gym shoes all morning. I want them cleaned. Carefully, I instruct my slave to remove my shoes and sniff the sneakers deeply. Shoe sniffing is only the first treat this eager slave is rewarded with. Soon he is slowly peeling down my trainer socks, to reveal elegantly manicured bare toes. My soft pale skin and wrinkled soles are so inviting. My desperate slave cleans every inch of my perfect feet and high arches. Sucking toes and pushing his tongue into my toe gaps to ensure they are spotless. But am I pleased with his efforts...?

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