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NICOLE and PAMELA - Now you will worship us whenever we want

Nicole and Pamela recently met and became good friends. They have many common interests - going shopping, restaurants, humiliating slaves, and more .. Now they are just returning home from the restaurant, where their slave girl marina is waiting for them in the closet. The girls ordered her to lick and sneakers after the walk. marina is a very devoted slave girl and is ready to fulfill any whim of her Mistresses. Nicole and Pamela walk into the room and put their feet on the ottoman that the slave girl brought them. The girls continue to chat on various topics while marina cleans their sneakers with her tongue. But she doesn't need to forget about the girls' socks who are sweating after a long walk. Nicole pushes all four socks into marina's mouth and the girls start laughing at her. "How stupid you look" - Pamela laughs. After the slave girl thoroughly sucked the sweat from her socks, the girls ordered her to worship their bare feet. marina licked Nicole and Pamela's feet from heels to toes while they mocked and morally humiliated her. The slave girl understands that the girls' feet will not cleanse themselves and continues to diligently worship them.

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