FootFetish » Foot Worship » Bratty Foot Girls - Goddess Amadahy - Amadahys Stinky After School Soles

Bratty Foot Girls - Goddess Amadahy - Amadahys Stinky After School Soles

Bratty Foot Girls - Goddess Amadahy - Amadahys Stinky After School Soles

Amadahy is sick and tired of Ninja always complaining about her feet being smelly after school.He knows how hard she works in cheerleading practice and the track team each day, why she she be expected to have her feet smelling like roses when she gets home each day. Well now she's had enough! She comes in and tellshim she has a little surprise forhim and tells him to close his eyes. Once he does, she quickly tightly handcuffs his wrists. He is in shock! She pushes him down and quickly mounts him and shoves her stinky slimy socks right in his face! The smell is overhwhelming! She laughs and tells him this is what he gets for making fun of her foot odor problem. She removes her socks and starts wiping the sweat from her bare feet all over his nose, mouth and eyes. She pinches his nose between her toes so he can really get a good whiff. She climbs above him and starts gagging his mouth with her toes, making him taste that sweaty toejam. She gets an even better idea, she makeshim get on the floor where she can realy shive her feet down on his face hard! She continues to pinch his nose with one foot while gagging his mouth with the other. Thinking up evil ways of totally humiliating him. She finishes him off by making him kneel before her and really foot gagging him hard till he can take no more and really humiliating him verbally! A VERY HOT clip!

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