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Lady Victoria Valente - Second Foot Fetish

Lady Victoria Valente - Second Foot Fetish

I smoke a cigarette. Today I am wearing a transparent white summer dress my feet stuck barefoot in white 6 inch mules. I take off a slipper and rocker with the horny toes. Then I pull out also the second shoe and toy with all toes. I smoke a little then put the mules again. This time you see it in close-up from the side and from behind the extremely high heels! You see everything very carefully because a cameraman filmed! I change the Mules, go to the mules, put my toes. Horny pictures of my feet, my feet, and mules are waiting for you, I go on tiptoe, see everything very close as if you are right with me! And of course, I allow my audience again, that may be waxed time may be hosed correctly! In this video I talk to my fan Peter. Foot fetish Feet Mistress legs High Heels mules fetish toes wiggling spreading soles barefoot pov solo female femdom highly arched feet 6inch stilettos - Please do not share my Clips on the Internet! MP4 Clip, German language.

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