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Star Nine - Foot Fucked By Your Wife

Star Nine - Foot Fucked By Your Wife

You love it when your wife dresses up, in fact, you insist on it. You practically dress her yourself, taking her shopping and badgering her into trying on outfits that she thinks she's a bit too mature for. Still, Star Nine is a loving wife & tries to humor you, dressing in the outfits you've picked out. You're getting ready to go out for the evening with her best guy friend (who happens to be gay). When the friend arrives, he flips out, he's had enough of you pushing her around & he's going to help her see who is really in charge. He pushes you down on your knees near Star's feet and tells her about your little foot fetish. Star doesn't believe him at first, but then it all begins to make sense - the high heels, the shiny pantyhose. She follows her friend's suggestion and has you worship her feet. Then she gets a bit more into it. She puts some lipstick on you & demands that you open your mouth wider so that she can put her whole foot into it, vigorously moving it in & out, fucking your mouth with her sheer hosed foot. This is a real awakening for Star, she sees herself as dominant to you & it really gets her wet. She instructs you to start stroking yourself. She gets herself off while she fucks you with her foot. She allows you to cum on her soles, then makes you lick it all up. She feels like a whole new woman & decides to go out with her friend without you, it's been so long since she's been with a real man, and it shouldn't be hard to find one dressed like this. Includes foot domination, coffee pantyhose, foot fucking, foot worship, cum eating instruction, CEI

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