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Humiliation POV - Mandy Marx - Chastity Makes You Obsessed With Me

This is such a hot chastity mindfuck! The way she looks at you, her subtle glances, the movement of her body, the way she toys with your keys and your mind. Theres just something about Mandy that makes her irresistible...

Lets start with the obvious. You cant get hard. You cant go a day, let alone an hour without thinking about me. I can do wrong, not in your book. I am pretty close to the embodiment of a real Goddess to you. You cant help it. You loved these games the first time, just as you love them the twentieth time. Now I wanna tell you something. I trust you. Youve casually mentioned just about a dozen times that you love the image of me dangling your keys in front of your face on your screen over the internet. And you love the cute selfies I send with your key. You also love my dominant commands.

But weeks go by and no dangling of the keys. Nothing I do to you or for you is an accident. And when I do dangle them, how does it make you feel? Jiggling, shaking, clink, clink, clink. You love that sound. I have something special for you. Are you ready? Watch as I just drop them on the floor. They are insignificant to me. Youre my little fucking bitch. And theres nothing you can do to change that. And even if you had the power to, you wouldnt want to. Theres nothing you can do to get out of chastity, today, tomorrow or the next day. Youre Mandy Marxs bitch. Let that sink in.

You cant cum, you cant get out, youre fucked. I know that youre not coming out for weeks because Ive decided that youre not coming out for weeks. Its that simple. I can do whatever I want to do to you because I know that youre not going to get yourself out of chastity. And even if you found a way to get yourself out I know you wouldnt do it. You wouldnt do something embarrassing like going to the hospital and having them cut it off of you because if you did and I found out you know youd never hear from me again. And that would destroy you.

You cant get out, you wont get out, and if you did, the punishment is so bad, that I trust you. Because I know you cant live without me. I know every morning when you wake up, you feel your cage and you think of me, you check your email, you check it for me lol. And you wouldnt do anything to jeopardize that. So youre stuck. I love you, my little chastity slave. Pay me right now. Doesnt it feel good? Play with your little lock. Thats as far as you can get. Not far, huh? Not far at all. Youre just another one of my locked up slaves. You know its not just you. But you dont care, you just need what I do to you. Hopefully your keys wont get confused with all of the others.

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