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Humiliation POV - Princess Kara - Thigh High Tease For Stupid Mush Brain Mindless Puppets

Humiliation POV - Princess Kara - Thigh High Tease For Stupid Mush Brain Mindless Puppets

Hi loser, I know u cant resist me in these sexy thigh high pantyhose. They make you stupid, your brain turns all mushy and then you are just putty in my hands. Because youre not thinking with your head, youre thinking with your cock. And your cock cant resist these pantyhose. You wish you could though because you know I am going to take advantage of you.

You love how hot I look in these thigh high pantyhose. You would do anything for me while I wear them. See how gorgeous and sexy my legs look. You cant stop jerking your horny cock off for them. And I know you love how good my cute feet look in them. And while youre compromised in your thinking, I want u 2 send me some cash. I know youre stupid right now and you are thinking with your cock and not your head and that makes it so easy to drain you. But I will bet as soon as you saw me in these thigh highs you wanted to tribute me immediately. You love paying hot young bratty girls who tease you.

I look so sexy right now, I am all you want, all you need. Now look at my hot young ass as I get down on all fours. It looks so sexy in my panties with my thigh highs perfectly accentuating it. Yes stare and stroke loser. I love teasing u and making you stupid. Now watch as I show you my feet up close in these pantyhose. Its sure to drive you foot boys wild. Ill bet you are jerking your dick furiously, all because I look so sexy. Youre weak and stupid whenever I put on pantyhose and I know it. So I like to take advantage of that.

I like 2 see you when youre in a compromised position because it is so much easier to get you where you want to go. Because you want to give in. You want to be my mindless little puppet. So once I know you have a weakness 4 my sexy pantyhose, I plan to exploit it to get exactly what I want because its all about me and what I want, not you loser. Just give in loser. Good boy. Now thank me 4 teasing you with my perfection.

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