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Princess Kira - My Sexy High Heels Scramble Your Weak Little Brain

Princess Kira - My Sexy High Heels Scramble Your Weak Little Brain

Theres something about the sound of a beautiful woman walking in her sexy high heels. They way they hit the floor. It makes you hard as you listen to the powerful sound of my heels walking on the floor. Your heart is racing. Your lust for my power is growing with each step of my sexy heel crushing the floor. Look how sexy my heels look. They are so sexy, so dangerous. You worship them because they hold power over you.I can easily get you to lick my heels clean on my command. Your heart is racing and the b.l.0.0.d.. is making your cock so hard, making you so horny, so easy to manipulate. And I can do this all with only my high heels. Its such a mindfuck. All I have to do walk around in my heels and youll get on your knees and beg to worship my heels, beg to please me. Your mind is fucked. Youre weak for me. Im so unbelievably sexy that its impossible to resist me.Lick my heels, give up control to me, let yourself go. Youre so weak, you have no choice. My powerful legs drive my heels forward, they are the power behind my heels. Look at my heels, your mind is going crazy with desire. Watch them move, I walk so sexy. Im so elegant, you are powerless. Your mind is really fucked now. Do you see how easily I can seduce you with just my heels?Get on your knees and kiss my heels. Smell my gorgeous smell. Your cock has taken over your mind. You are my personal slave now, just like that. Stop fighting with your mind and give in. Im just too gorgeous for you. Your cock is completely out of control. Just let go and obey. Give in and just admit that I am in control. You are just my foot slave and you love it. Forget about your life, your cares and your family, your only purpose is to lick and suck my gorgeous heels. I can sense that youre losing your mind, youre going to miss your former self soon. Im going to scramble your brain and take everything away from you. You cant stop it, just let it happen.

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