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Miss Melissa - Miss Melissa's Property

Miss Melissa - Miss Melissa's Property

After being locked up for only a month, you show your true colors. An entire list of faults! You are making silly request for your own silly pleasures. Nope! This isn't how this works! I am your OWNER and your GODDESS. Do not make insulting requests. They only piss Me off! If you want to remain My property, you will remain locked up. Not only that! I make you beg and plead on your knees. I make you regret pissing Me off as I sensually tease you. You wanted to pay a silly amount for a personal piece of My belongings. I will show you the true price of My belongings. Instead of panties, I shove garbage and filthy boots in your face. Then I make you pay a small fortune for all this! I don't mind teaching you a lesson. To reaaally humiliate you, I make you eat the mud off My boots.

Model: Miss Melissa
Format: MP4
Quality: 1280x720
File Size : 876 MB
Duration: 00:24:17


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