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Young Goddess Kim - Real Life Doormat

 Young Goddess Kim - Real Life Doormat
I have been walking in town in My leather knee high boots running some errands and just returned home. you are filled with excitement and terror when I walk in the front door, you're laying there right where I left you - a real life, literal doormat. you dare not say anything and keep your eyes low as you lay there bracing what's to come. your tongue is a rag to wet My dirty soles and lick the dirt off. your body is an old carpet to trample and dig My heels in - I take pleasure in your squirming pain. Today you are particularly lucky as I crush your weak body under My full weight, then remove My leather boots and make you sniff inside and smell My intoxicating pantyhose feet. I notice a parcel was delivered when I was out and allow you the honor of watching Me try on a brand new pair of patent leather boots. Haha another pair of divine boots to torment you with, doormat!

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