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Miss Audrey Arrow Step-Mommys Slippers

Miss Audrey Arrow  Step-Mommys Slippers

Your step-Mommy is very cross with you. You've been such a bad, naughty boy. Step-Mommy has no choice but to punish you. I take my stinky, smelly, musty, dirty slippers and spank your naughty little derriere with them. After your bottom is red and sore, I need to punish you some more. So I put my stinky slippers in your face and make you smell them. When each of my dirty slippers is in front of your nose, you have to take a big whiff. It smells so bad, doesn't it? Now you have to lick that stink off of step-Mommy's feet. My naughty boy needs to get his tongue on my foot and between my toes. You can hold on to my hairy legs if you need some comfort! Haha! But I'm starting to think you might enjoy this. You're such a dirty boy! You like step-Mommy's smelly feet! Well, I guess I'll just have to spank you with these slippers again to make sure you've really learned your lesson.

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