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Natashas Bedroom - Sneaker Licking Foot Slave

Your mouth is open, foot slave. You can reach your tongue by bending down to your knees. Youre the perfect sub to clean my white Adidas sneakers. You can see me. Tell me how desperate I am to serve my dirty shoes. You must taste dirt and filth. Your tongue will serve as a spoon for my feet. As you move your tongue from the heel up to the toes, try to keep that throbbing cock in check. You suck my shoelaces harder and harder, so jerk harder. You will be more eager the hornier and more ferocious you get. You can lick the bottoms of my sneakers, which is the dirtiest part of my shoes, and you will want more. Make them shine. Make them shine. I may just let your cock come if you are a sneaker slave. Maybe Ill mess with you mind and ruin your orgasm at every possible moment.

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