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ARIEL - Learning Games - Sneakers Worship

Ariel is a rich spoiled brat and sje is not interested so much in studying, even if she is highly intelligent. Her step-daddy hires a teacher with special teaching methods as the last hope, to prepare Ariel for the exams. But bratty Ariel has absolutelly no respect for this loser, she mocks his methods and make him her slave, having a lot of fun with him! Sneakers Worship After realizing that his methods are not working with Ariel, the desperate professor tells her that she must learn something, or he will have problem with her step-daddy. Ariel tells him that she wants some games and one of them is that he will lick her dirty sneakers clean! She promises that she will study after, so the poor professor starts to lick her shoes like a bitch! Ariel laughs at him and makes some photos of him at her feet. She threats him that she will send to her step-daddy, so the teacher licks with more passion!

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