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Leg Goddess - Youre My Addicted Mindless Jerking Robot, You Dont Need Your Brain

Leg Goddess - Youre My Addicted Mindless Jerking Robot, You Dont Need Your Brain

Youre a slave to your own c0ck. You are just a wanker, here to jerk again to another video. Because when u stroke, nothing else matters. And you love that. And I dont mind, u can take your cock out & stroke to my perfection, I know how mindless it makes you. Jerk and gaze upon my perfect body, my beautiful face.

You know u could never have me, so all u can do is jerk for me. Youve become conditioned 2 jerking off to girls you could never get. So just keep staring and jerking and let your addiction grow. I know you cant help yourself, you are an addicted wanker, it is in your nature.

It is so easy for me to get inside your brain and turn you into a mindless jerking robot 4 me. When you wank, nothing else matters. I want to get deep inside your brain. Get lost in my body, get lost in my beauty, get lost in my words, in my voice. I am going to turn you into my addicted brainless wanker. Look how pathetic u r, look how easily Ive already begun to wrap u around my finger. You will do anything for me when Ive got you in this mind state. Youll do anything to have me control your c0ck & your orgasms.

Keep looking at my beautiful body and keep jerking until all you can do is stroke & pay. LOL youre so stupid. This is how your life is going 2 be, you work, come home, stroke to my videos, and pay me. And those words enter so easily into your brain when youre in this horned up state. It is so easy to manipulate when youre horny like this, thats why I allow u to jerk. Stroke, get addicted, pay. I want you 2 go deeper & deeper for me.

You know you can never have me, but u love stroking to me more than fucking. And I dont mind, I want to turn u into another one of my brainless minions, my mindless wanker. You dont need your brain, Ill tell you everything u need to think. Look at me and fall deeper n deeper for me. I want your thoughts, your time, and your wallet. Become my slave. My body is going 2 make you more and more addicted to me. So keep staring, keep jerking your brain out.

I am your one and only Goddess. I want u to dedicate your life to me. I give you purpose, Im the reason you live. The reason you work is only to pay me. I want to be the only thing in your life. I want to consume all of your thoughts. It feels so good jerking 4 me right now, nothing else matters. Wank for me, be a good boy and do everything I say. I own you, I own your mind, I own your thoughts. You are my weak, mindless wanker. You will think of me long after this video is over and youll feel your addiction grow.

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