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Real Bare Soles - Magnificent Blondes soles - SECOND encounter

Real Bare Soles - Magnificent Blondes soles - SECOND encounter
I had shot this MAG...NIFICENT, amazing, gorgeous blonde once already in the park, and a few days later as I'm strolling across the lawn I see a girl so pretty, she shines, like an angel. I was like "holy fuck" but then I saw, my god, it's her. Again. And she's got those big, literally PERFECT feet up, and bare. Again. So I had this brief moment where I thought, "ok, last time I sat right on top of this girl who is as beautiful as a movie star, yet she let me shoot her feet for over 25 minutes (although she made me work a little for it!). Now, do I just let her be, or do I shoot again?" No need to ponder though -- I just felt my body sitting down and taking out the camera of its own accord. My love of bare soles had taken over my higher brain functions! After all, there might be something amazing done that I'd miss and never be able to shoot again. How could I not? So I took the camera out and began shooting. She obviously knew what's what from last time, but she did not put her feet down. She did not say, "really? Again? Enough is enough." She sat there with her big, shapely, soft soles up, ankles crossed, and looked at me over them, sometimes quizzically, sometimes with a slightly suppressed smile on her face. This time there was no seat-back to worry about, so the image is framed a bit differently, more in my classic manner. I actually prefer this a bit. So I shot her for about twelve minutes in this way, and even caught a quick phone call she made so that we get to hear her voice. Eventually she put her feet down, and I thought, " am I lucky! Another twelve minutes!" I packed up and gave her a little sideways look but she was ignoring me, having stuck her feet loosely back in her red Chucks as she texted. I got up and walked around a bit more, not really even caring if I got anything else that day, because of THIS. But after about five minutes, I look over across the lawn and up her feet went again -- this time on TOP of the table she was sitting at! Those big gorgeous feet were out in the world again, this time way OUT THERE! I just could not resist so I immediately went over and sat down again, this time in a chair because her feet were up way higher. As soon as she saw me she laughed (I heard it), but her feet stayed on the table. So out came the camera again and she once again kept her big beauties up, and again checked me out as I pointed mt camera at the bottoms of her bare feet. This time she kept her feet up for about ten minutes. However about halfway through that she put her feet side by side, sort of pointed at me, which for me is not so great so I stopped shooting. Then she got a call and put her feet down as she made plans to run off and meet the person on the other line. She tied up her Chucks and off she went, shooting me a quick, neutral glance as she got up. I was very sure to sit solidly in my seat in case she was concerned I was going to follow her or similar. But off she went, without looking back once, so maybe her look was just a quick goodbye to the guy who filmed her naked soles ... not once, but TWICE. Magnificence: SQUARED.

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