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Goddess Honey Explode to My Toes

Goddess Honey  Explode to My Toes
Goddess Honey spots you staring at her feet. Shes just trying to relax in the coffee shop, but shes seen your kind before. Honey wonders why she always seems to attract foot guys like you. She finds it kind of funny; especially because she knows the power her sexy feet have over you. Honey can tell from the bulge in your pants that your dick is growing. She thinks its kind of weird that when faced with a pretty girl, the thing that turns you on most are her feet. Still, Goddess Honey understands the control her magnificent feet have over your feeble mind. She wiggles her long brown toes to excite you. She wants you to jerk off to her feet. Dont miss this opportunity man! You have a beautiful girl with amazing feet and shes asking you to cum on them. Dude, this is like a dream come true! Whip it, work it hard and explode on Goddess Honeys incredible feet and toes. Oh yeah! This is foot heaven!

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