FootFetish » Tickling » Houston Foot Fetish Dont you dare tickle my toes while Im tied up and bound

Houston Foot Fetish Dont you dare tickle my toes while Im tied up and bound

Ama Rios big and pink size 9.5? feet are tied up tightly by rope as she sits there helpless. The Ler promptly begins to tickle her feet without regard and uses an assortment of torment tools for maximum tickling effect. The beautiful brunette is put through the gauntlet and her endurance is really put to the test once the Ler founds a secret spot on her feet that makes her react violently as this particular tickle G spot makes her erupt with loud laughter and she fights, kicks and screams to get away and make the tickling spot once its discovered & taken advantage of. Several times during this tickle session the Ler has to stop and laugh as Amas reaction is so candid and genuine that it is an overall hilarious moment for both the Ler and the Lee!!!!!

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