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Bratty Foot Girls Luna, Aubree humiliated and Controlled by Brats!

Luna and Aubree are sick and tied of dealing with their friend Ninjas attitude. Today however things are gonna change. Luna has got hold of a special magical remote and she shows it off to Aubree. She tells her the remote will allow her to fully control anyone she zaps with it and they cant wait to try it out on the unsuspecting Ninja. He walks in being his usual douche self giving the ladies some lip. Before he knows it Luna zaps him and he is put into a zombie state. The girls giggle with glee as they cant believe it works! Now they will exact their revenge on him. They want to completely humiliate him in the worst way possible! They control him and make him get on the ground as they peel off their stinky gym shoes and start making him sniff them. He goes along with it in an almost robot like way. The girls cant believe how well it works as they start kicking him and making him gag on their sweaty feet. Soon they are using him as a doormat walking on him and standing on his face! Its too much fun humiliating him while he is under their total control.

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