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Mistress Enola - My Soles Vs Your Nose

Its been a long time since we dont a good trampling video and the I got a new idea to make a different clip , my slaves nose until it almost broke and flattened it. I started using my Adidas Adillete flats, you cant imagine the pain that the slave felt, the sole is very hard and his nose suffered a lot, I even left his face marked with the ADIDAS soles, always using my full weight. After a while I took off my sandals and started using my feet barefoot, which is my specialty Always trying to crush her nose as HARD as possible, stepping on it in every way I can think of, I use my fingers to crush it , the heels of my feet to squeeze it, the front part of my feet that is harder and rough I also stay for a long time standing on it putting all the possible pressure , with my heels I start to crush it giving circular movements to inflict more pain and more damage. the pathetic slave has tears on his eyes I used 2 angles in the clip so you can appreciate from both sides UPPER ANGLE and CLOSE UP side angle and some POV, I also put my fingers into his nostrils and push forward to cause more DAMAGE and pinch his nose with my toes and move it from side to side very hard . the video is long so you can imagine how his nose ended . destroyed at the end of the video, you will see the images at the end. He is still having pain in the nose .Are you ready to watch this video? I bet Youve never seen this kind of nose flattening

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