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Czech Soles - Dita - Co-pilot's smoking hot legs and feet worship

Czech Soles - Dita - Co-pilot's smoking hot legs and feet worship
Pilot (the flight captain) is so lucky to have the most sexy co-pilot he could ever wish for. Co-pilot's name is Dita and it is this tall and very sensual woman with sexy legs and pretty big feet. They are waiting for their flight on the airport and the captain is flirting with Dita heavily. But she is not innocent in this at all. She is playing him from the beginning, showing off her legs and feet and her big cleavage which they could make even bigger. Not that the captain didn't try but he was always stopped and the sexy co-pilot will let him do is to worship her long legs and feet. She loves it too when her legs and feet are being massaged and caressed. But first her heels has to come down from her sexy feet in order for the worship to begin. Oh look at those sexy soles...and they smell so nice...this will be a very long flight but a nice one. And they both agree to definitely continue this once they arrive safely to their destination.

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