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Dita - Foot fetish goblin lusts for her bare feet

Dita - Foot fetish goblin lusts for her bare feet

Dita has not been sleeping well for the past two weeks. She always hears weird sounds and her feet are ticklish during the night and overall she has this weird feeling. But she doesnt know why yet. Its all because of this foot loving goblin who lives in her closet and which has serious foot fetish. This goblin worships her feet every night and hes almost addicted to them. It loves BIG feet the most and Ditas feet are big enough for it. But the goblin comes out only at night, when Dita is sleeping so he does not raise suspicion and can continue to do this as long as possible. But it is bound to happen that Dita will wake up and catch this goblin at her feet. Im sure of it!

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