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The Foot Fantasy - Jae Lynn, Akira - FOOT SMELLING REPORT

 The Foot Fantasy - Jae Lynn, Akira - FOOT SMELLING REPORT
Jae Lynn is a soccer player she is in athletic shorts and shirt with long socks. She is sitting on the couch with her feet up on the coffee table. Akira is a writer who is doing research on female athletes and their feet for a publication. Akira is seated on the floor so she can examine Jae Lynn's soles up close. Akira has her hair in a ponytail. When she smells Jae Lynn's feet her mouth is closed and her eyes are open as she is pondering the smell intently. Akira starts by having Jae Lynn remove her own socks and she gives them to her to examine. Then Akira looks at Jae Lynn's bare soles closely and writes down notes, she is studying her feet. Akira asks questions about Jae Lynn's sport and her feet occasionally as she takes one of the socks and sniffs it while staring at Jae Lynn's soles. Akira puts her nose on Jae Lynn's feet and compares the sock smell to Jae Lynn's foot odor. She stares at a spot on Jae Lynn's feet, puts the tip of her nose on that spot and inhales and then does the same with different areas of her feet. While inhaling Akira looks at Jae Lynn to see her reaction while she is smelling her feet. Jae Lynn watches her smelling the whole time and is confused and a little weirded out and embarrassed. They talk some times between sniffs and sometimes Akira writes some more notes while smelling. Akira tells Jae Lynn her feet have a vinegary odor. Jae Lynn becomes curious and smells her own foot and sock while Akira smells the other foot. They both smell Jae Lynn's feet at the same time for a little while. Jae Lynn examines the bottom of her own foot and then goes in for a sniff a couple times, she thinks about the smell like Akira. Jae Lynn accuses Akira of not really doing research but just enjoying smelling feet. Akira at first denies but then eventually admits to becoming aroused. Akira now is rubbing between her legs while sniffing which Jae Lynn notices. Akira convinces Jae Lynn to try it and they switch places. Jae Lynn smells Akira's bare feet but says she is not getting turned on.

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