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Bratty Foot Girls - Onyx Kim - Use My Stinky feet as Your Mask

When Onyx comes home from being out, her lazy ass roommate Jason starts complaining about how she used the last good mask they had in the house. Now he can't go to the store to buy more . Onyx is sick and tired of him being an ungrateful sod. She tells him that she is the one paying the bills, so if she wants to go out to let loose a bit during the pandemic then she can use as many of the masks as she wants. He groans some more but Onyx is done! She removes her shoes that she's been wearing all night and starts shoving her smelly pantyhose toes and feet all over his face, she tells him if he wants a mask so mad then maybe he can use her smelly pantyhose! He winces as her stinky vinegary soles cover his face and nose, all he can inhale is the stink! She rips her pantyhose and gives him her bare stinky toes! The toejam gets up in his nostrils as he complains some more. She then removes them completely and wraps the smelly hose around his mouth - a perfect Mask for him! She then yanks on it as pulls him in deep into her smelly soles. She's gonna give him a perfect Mask, one that will make him forever smell her feet!

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