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Dommelia - Fall To Your Demise (Premium User Requests)

Dommelia - Fall To Your Demise (Premium User Requests)
Im out for a stroll when Im suddenly stopped in my tracks, shocked to discover you dangling off the edge of a cliff, clinging on for dear life. I instinctively offer you my hand to rescue you, but have a sudden change of heart when I realise that I hold complete power over your life and have you at my complete mercy. Theres literally nobody else around but you and I, the thought of being able to kiII someone and get away with it seems an extremely enticing prospect. So rather than pulling you up, I begin stepping on your hands, stomping on them and trampling them. Turns out youre quite resilient though, but my repeated stamping eventually leads to you being unable to hold on. But much to my dismay, as you fall, you manage to catch a ledge below as you fall and climb back up! Now Im REALLY mad! I put on my sandals, youre not going to have my soft feet stamping on you this time, its going to be much harder now! Now Im going to show you no mercy and am going to break every one of your fingers and knuckles and wont be leaving until Ive seen you fall to your demise!

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