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Domina Planet - Dirty Sock And Spit Retribution

Introducing, the Stunning 19 Year-Olds, Superior Goddess Temptation, and Her bestie, green-haired Mistress Psykoda. They come walking into their living room, bathed in sweat and dirt, wearing just a pair of skimpy booty shorts, sports bras, and very dirty socks. They have just finished the run with a new client that they are helping to get in shape; hes hired them as personal trainers. He thanks them for this first session and gets ready to leave when the buxom Mistress Psykoda tells him:

Were friends with Sophie, who you used to date, and smack around when you had a few drinks. Well, just want you to know that We decided to NOT go to the police

Oh geez, thank You thats great! It wasnt my fault

We wont go to the police IF you do exactly what We tell you to do, bitch-says Superior Goddess Temptation.
They have him get on his knees before them:

You obviously dont respect Superior Women, so Were gonna teach you how to honor and respect Women. But you have to start at the very bottom, bitch, with our dirty feet

They both put their filthy, sweaty, stinky, and dirt-encrusted stocking feet in front of his face. He grimaces noticeably and asks what they want him to do.

Smell them.I want to hear DEEP inhales

He starts to tentatively smell them, but they jam their sock-covered feet into his face, covering him with the stinky, dirty socks so the only air he can get is filtered through their filthy feet and socks. They put him on the floor, on his back in front of them, and make him use his tongue as a doormat to start cleaning the mud, sweat, and dirt from their filthy socks. They wipe each of their dirty socks on his tongue, giving him cottonmouth.

Let me give you something to drink says Goddess Tempest. while Psykoda pries his mouth open, so Goddess Tempest can lean over him and drop a big, white, gooey loogey into his open mouth.

Swallow it, bitch! Now thank me. Whats my name?

She leans back and holds his head with both dirty feet.

Goddess! Thank You, Goddess!

They then go back to sock cleaning, but this time to clean the dirt from their toes. They foot gag him, foot slap him, and give him more and more delicious spit to wash the dirty socks filth down with. They finish by tying their disgusting socks together and blindfolding the pig with them, giving him no choice but to continue to smell their filthy foot odor.

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