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Savage Soles: Can You Taste The Gym?

The young and beautiful Jasper Reed tells Charles she's just back from the gym and shoves her sneaker deep in his throat. "What do you taste?" she asks, mocking him for being unintelligible in response. Her shoe deep in his mouth; she tells him not to say "oww" because it's supposed to hurt and she wants more silence to enjoy his pain. She laughs at him. "Can you taste the gym? she asks and mocks his gagging. She him to clean the bottom of her shoe by licking it, wedges her heel into his mouth and laughs. The beautiful 21-year-old with her yoga pants clinging to her amazing ass and legs jams her shoe into his throat, asking "Does it taste good?" Looking down at him from her perch on a bench, she tells him "You're a fucking loser." She him to tell her to kick him, and does so before ramming her dirty, sweaty sneaker back through his face. She makes him take her sneakers off and smell her socks.

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