FootFetish » Foot Worship » Licking Girls Feet - AURORA and RADA - We'll find out whose throat is deeper

Licking Girls Feet - AURORA and RADA - We'll find out whose throat is deeper

Aurora and Rada have fun with two whores. They decided to check whose throat is deeper old monica or young avril? Now they will find out. Girls push their bare feet deep into the mouths of pathetic slaves and watch how deep their feet go into their throats. avril and monica are bound to each other and completely defenseless. They can do nothing but swallow their Mistresses feet and endure their ridicule and humiliation. Rada pushes her feet into avrils mouth and orders her to suck them. At this time, Aurora is busy with the old slave monica and also pushes her feet into her mouth to the maximum. Sometimes the girls switch places and use different slaves.. when they dont like something, they shout at these losers and spit in their faces. Who do you think has a deeper throat and a wider mouth?

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