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Florida's Filthy Foot Slave

Goddess Fina just landed in sunny Florida and one of her first stops was to Princess Onyx Kim's place. In a show of true southern hospitality Onyx wants to pull out her finest or Fina. And that includes her best piece of furniture from her Human Collection. And presents her with Florida's finest Human Karpit and offers up a full service cleaning. These Goddess' longue outside in the back yard gossiping while their little foot slave gets to work licking the dirt and sand from in between their toes and off of their perfect soles. As he finally starts to get the filth licked away his owner orders him to the ground so they can rest comfortably on his face, smothering him with their sweaty dirty feet. Rubbing the Spit and Filth from their feet onto his face as he struggles to continue to clean his Goddess' feet.

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