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Leg Goddess Turning Weak Foot Boys Into Sexless Wankers For My Feet

Leg Goddess Turning Weak Foot Boys Into Sexless Wankers For My Feet

Hello footboy, I know youre here to see my feet and wank for them. Look at how pathetic you are. You dont need pussy. Pussies are for real men. Foot bitches just worship feet and jerk for feet. You dont deserve any pussy, you are just a foot bitch. I know how badly you want to worship my feet right now. Youd love to smell them. My feet are so perfect, can you feel how weak they make you? Of course you can because your cock is getting so hard for them.Nothing excites you more than sweaty nylon socks and the smell of feet. Thats how I know youre a foot bitch. You want to kiss them, dont you? I want to rub them all over your face until your face smells like my dirty socks. Youre fucking pathetic. Youre worthless and useless, that is what you are. I know this because the scent of my socks excites you more than the scent of pussy.My feet are the feet of a Goddess, they are so perfect. Youre going to worship my perfectly pedicured toes for the rest of your life. I know how to hook foot boys like you. Im going to let you lick them and kiss them, just so I can addict you forever. Soon all you will dream about is cleaning my feet at the end of each day. You will know that is your job, that is your place. Youll need nothing but my feet. Ill turn you into a sexless wanker for my feet. My feet own your life.You are my foot bitch, for use, abuse and humiliation. But are you worthy of this? Youre going to need to prove it. I will need to see how desperate you are and how good you are at serving my feet. You will need to humiliate yourself for me in the worst ways and then you will be worthy of kissing them. I know youre drooling while you stare at my feet. Drooling with a hard cock, mesmerized by my Goddess feet. Youre so fucked already. Youre just a fucking loser and do you know how I know that? Because in a world where men fuck women like me, all you want are my feet. Thats so sad and pathetic. But it makes it so easy for me to own you with my feet. Always remember your place, underneath my feet.

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