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Czech Soles - Enjoy My Smelly Socks, Feet And Shoes

Czech Soles - Enjoy My Smelly Socks, Feet And Shoes

Sofia has just came back from a huge party and she's totally spent! She just takes off her shoes, drops herself on the sofa and relaxes her body. You start to complain her feet and socks smell pretty bad. She doesn't think so and throws the smelly worn sock right in your face and starts to laugh like crazy immediately after. It's fun for her, the idea that you're smelling her nasty socks, that her sock landed in your face. From now on she starts to be a little bit dominant and starts to tell you what to do. Whether to smell her socks, smell her shoes or maybe her bare feet or give her a foot massage. You're not complaining since you love feet and smelly socks but she is having too much fun it seems...She even takes her shoe, the one she wore the whole long and sweaty party, and she puts it right on your nose and laughs at you. She's having too much fun...but you're getting what you always wanted - her perfect smelly feet in your face.

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