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Czech Soles - Smelly Sock Domination And Victory Poses

Czech Soles - Smelly Sock Domination And Victory Poses

Wendy is an athlete but so far she has not have much luck and very good results. Her friend, Charlie, he can be pretty mean about it and he always teases Wendy about it. He bet with her that she just cannot win and if she would he would even kiss her feet and be her bitch. He knows it can never happen...but Wendy surprises him a bit when she shows him her golden medal. Charlie doesn't know what to say...he doesn't believe her but the medal is real and he slowly starts to realize he has lost. Wendy is excited, thrilled, so happy. She has finally won! And now Charlie has to honor his part of the bet. Wendy has on the same socks she won with the race and Charlie is about to get a pretty smelly experience. He has to obey Wendy, smell her socks, kiss them and worship them while she laughs at his face and performs victory poses with her feet and socks on his face and nose. She is so proud to her self right now and she enjoys every moment of Charlie's humiliation. It's so much fun to dominate him, to be the winner and let him know he has lost. To stuff her sweaty socks in his mouth and make him choke on them. This is the best day for Wendy!

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