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Lady Dee - Smelly Socks Loser JOI

Lady Dee - Smelly Socks Loser JOI

Do you know what makes you a loser? Not just the fact that you get off to feet or even socks... but that you get off on dirty socks... SMELLY WORN DIRTY SOCKS! That's your fucking kink, and that makes you a fucking LOSER! Yeah, no doubt about it. I mean look at you, look at your fucking dick, your dick can tell you... standing at attention isn't it? That hard throbbing dick staring up at my dirty socks. Staring at those footprints? It looks delicious, doesn't it? How badly do you want to bury your face right in my socks and take a nice deep inhale? I just took off my Converse too... did that just make your dick jump hearing that? Wanna jerk off to my dirty socks loser? Haha, who am I kidding, you've been jerking off this entire time, the second this clip started rolling, you were already on your dick jacking off! You're fucking pathetic loser!

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