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Princess Grace - Your Mind Is Wrapped Around My Heel - Secretary Blackmail

Princess Grace - Your Mind Is Wrapped Around My Heel - Secretary Blackmail

So here we are working late, itís just me and you, everyone else has gone home. But I am not really working late as your secretary as usual, I have something I want to discuss with you. And as my boss, most of the things I discuss with you are work related. This is more personal. You know what Iím getting at, donít you?

Itís strange how youíre at a loss for words when you see my heels dangling in front of you. I know you want to smell them, donít pretend like you donít. Donít pretend that you donít want to kiss them, lick them. I know you do. Itís just me and you here, you donít have to pretend any more. So Iím going to cut to the chase, I need more heels. I love heels. And the salary that you pay me isnít enough, and I noticed that you just love my feet and heels. Iíve seen you perving on them. Thereís no point in denying it.

I see your phone is ringing, oh itís your wife, donít bother answering it. My feet ruin you, donít they? Yes they do, or at least theyíre going to ruin you. Youíre going to give me a much higher salary and Iím going to do less work. I deserve more because I donít need some creepy boss like you perving over my feet for free and then giving me tasks and having me work really hard for like peanuts. I donít like it, itís not what I want. So youíre going to rectify that or else Iím going to tell your wife.

Iíve made good friends with the head of security and he has saved all of the tapes of you jerking off to my feet. I know that youíre a foot pervert and I know what youíve been up to. I knew what I was doing when I would dangle my heel in front of you and let it fall to the ground so you could see my pantyhose feet. I knew what I was doing when I took off my stockings to Ďrubí my feet in front of you. And then you would go and jerk off and you thought that no one was watching. Well I have those videos now.

So if you donít want your wife to know what a foot freak you are, you better increase my salary, make sure that I donít have to do any work around here, give me a promotion, and buy me more heels. I think these are totally reasonable requests. I know that my feet and heels make you weak, your mind is just wrapped around my heel, isnít it? I know you love stroking to them. Youíre addicted to my princess feet and I know that you want to keep me happy because you donít want me telling your wife how much you love my feet.

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