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Czech Soles - Very high heels dangling, sexy small feet

Czech Soles - Very high heels dangling, sexy small feet

Katty is reading quietly on the sofa and she wears one of her many many high heels which she likes to wear so much. She doesn't even know it but she's dangling her shoes on the edge of her toes, it's like a habit already. She doesn't realize it at first but you are watching her feet and her shoes, how she dangles them and plays with them and you can't take your eyes of her sexy little feet and very high heels.

After some time she notices you, staring at her feet and because she is a dirty little girl Katty wants to tease you a bit so she dangles her shoes even more obviously, she switches her feet in dangling, she drops her shoe "accidentally" and she enjoys as you almost drool while watching her little teasing. She just got you under her control, under her spell. When she asks "You really like when I dangle my high heels on my sexy feet like this, don't you?" you're just lost. She's been doing all this on purpose? To tease you and play with you? You had no idea at first. But now the real fun starts! She doesn't let you touch her feet, yet. Now you're supposed to look and maybe later on she'll even let you worship her sexy feet and shoes. She's sexy little vixen!

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