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Czech Soles - Trying High Heels On Her Sexy Feet

Czech Soles - Trying High Heels On Her Sexy Feet

Ivet is shooting after a long time again and her sexy soft feet and perfect toes are again ready for you! This is a bit POV video, more close up video, where Ivet is trying on multiple shoes, dangling them on her feet and showing her bare feet, soles and toes.

Ivet needs some high heels for a special occasion but she doesn't have the proper pair her self, so she asks a friend if she could leave her at home some of her's. When she arrives to the place she finds multiple shoes and she starts to try them on pair by pair. But they seem to be smaller, she can't fit her bigger feet there no matter how she tries. "Such a nice shoes and I can't fit my feet in. Damn!". So she tries another pair and another and another, showing her feet in the mean time and playing with those shoes for the viewer, until she find one that fit perfectly. "Finally a pair that fits. And they look nice too!" she says, sits back and starts to dangle those shoes as she often does. Now she's all ready for her special night.

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