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Czech Soles - Foot Cleaner And His Sexy Customer

Czech Soles - Foot Cleaner And His Sexy Customer

Charlie makes living as a foot cleaner - he get ordered by young girls when their feet are tired and sweaty and needs to be cleaned and worshiped and taken care of. Charlie has the foot fetishists dream job.

Today it's Ivet who ordered his services. She's resting on her bed, reading magazine and waiting for Charlie to arrive and clean her feet. He's finally here and immediately starts to work. No wonder, Ivet's feet and especially toes and soles are perfect! So nicely shaped, so soft and with such a nice smell. Ivet truly has amazing soles and feet! And this is not the first time she used such services. Ivet loves it too when her feet are being taken care of, worshiped and all feels so pleasant for her and it also turns her on a bit. It's a true win win deal.

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