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Czech Soles - Public Boot Cleaning Slave Earning His Pay

Jack is really broke and the only way he thinks he can get some money for food is to stand in front of a big shop and ask people for money. But it's not going very well so far until this nice girl, on sexy high heels and sexy outfit goes to her car. Jack approaches her and asks for some money. She agrees but she wants something in return - she wants Jack to clean her boots.

Jack agrees, he would do anything at this point. But when they arrive to her car and Jack tries to clean her shoes using the sleeve oh his jacket, she's not very happy with it and tells Jack to get in the car and he'll clean her feet eslewhere. He agrees and when they arrive she starts to be a little bit more mean and dominant. She wants him to lick her boots clean. Right now and right here. They he will get his reward.

So Jack goes on his knee and starts to lick those dirty boots. But that's not enough for her - now she wants him to lick the bottoms of her boots too. She stands next to her car, smoking and Jack is on hte ground licking the bottoms of her shoes. Now she's happy. "Here are your money and my card. Call me when you need more money." she says and drives off. And Jack finally has the means to buy a decent lunch now...

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