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Goddess Natalie - Creamy feet paradise

Goddess Natalie - Creamy feet paradise
Maybe it all started with a simply search on a porn site, when you were looking for a little bit moremaybe you felt bored of regular porn and wanna to explore a little bit more. You may have not been the kind of guy who likes feet at the very beginning, or maybe you still think youre not.

But something happens deep inside you when you look at my lovely feet. Especially the d.e.a.dly combination between my feet and my soft, mesmerizing voiceit feels impossible to resist. You get weaker and weaker when you look at my wrinkled soles and let my voice penetrate your soul, feel me rubbing myself onto your brain and wrapping my body around it like a snake.

When I move my fingers up and down those soles and talk to you, it feels as if I was rubbing my fingers onto your brain, mindfucking you into submission. You cant resist this feeling, and you dont even want to resist you. You want to endlessly edge for my feet and enter this paradise, so go aheadyou know the best way to get rid of a temptation is to give in, so become all mine!

Model: Goddess Natalie
Format: MP4
Quality: 1904x1088
File Size : 843 MB
Duration: 00:14:17

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