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Czech Soles - Sexy foot teasing by two friends

Czech Soles - Sexy foot teasing by two friends
Charlie and Dita are roommates for few years now and Dita know very well about Charlie's love for girl's feet. And she has no problem with it whatsoever, on contrary, she takes advantage of this opportunity as much as she can and foot massages are provided on daily basis here. Today Dita has a her girl friend Nela over for a visit but she forgot to tell her about Charlie's foot fetish. Nela only discovered it after some time when Charlie was starring at her BIG toe for several minutes without stopping. She asked Dita at the first opportunity what's up with that guy and she got her answer. But than she's thinking to have some fun. This is new to her and if Charlie really likes her BIG big toe so much than why not to play with him a little bit. So the girls agree on it and once Charlie gets back from the bathroom they start to tease him with their feet and Charlie is hooked within seconds. Foot worship is new experience for Nela but it will be an interesting one for sure!

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