REA And SYLVIA - Fetish Cafe - Foot Worship And Domination (GROPRO Camera Floor View) Finally a fetish cafe opened in the city and of course a slave of mine owns it and this is my new favorite place! It is not a 'fetish' cafe with decoration only, it is a place that you can order coffee, drinks, cakes and slaves! Just Mistresses and slaves can be here, as there is face control at the door, so we can enjoy free our lifestyle, without stupid people looking shocked. This is how every cafe should be! Our slave is on the floor underfoot for long time already and we usually ignore him, but from time to time we dominate him just for fun. Sylvia starts to rub hard her soles on his face and I laugh and follow and we start to him again! His face is full of feet and we play with it under our soles, with a crazy pace that he cannot even breath! He licks overtime as we footsmother him and do little hard steps on his face, usually all our feet are covering it and we don't give him a break! When we finally stop, we think that maybe this cafe must be a franchising all over the world, all the Mistresses should have a place like this to enjoy! REA And ALICE - 5 Days At The Lake - DAY 5 - EXTREME Foot Domination And Facekicking We are early at the new hotel that we will spend the night and tomorrow we are back home. Today we were at the lake all day, as our slave cleaned the house and we took him with us to have some more fun. The idiot thought that we were just having fun with him in our holidays and after be friends, but we never even thought about this! He is just our slave! Gabriella went to take and we sit with Alice, full of energy! We call the loser and we make him kiss our feet, laughing at his try to be friend with us! We soon get in the mood and we get hard, rubbing hard our soles on his face, kicking and stomping it hard and footgagging him! Our feet never leave his face, we make him suck and lick and we break his face with BRUTAL footslapping, until Alice stand up and take him by the collar, pulling him while I push hard my feet on his face to smother him! We kick him down and we his face under our feet some more and when it is red and we afraid that we will lose him, we just use this poor ugly face as our footstool! REA And ARIEL - Back From The Gym - Worship Our Sweaty Feet! - Foot Worship And Humiliation We train together with Ariel this time and we are just back from the gym, it was a hard training day. We are barefoot now and we relax back and use our slave's face as a footstool. We make him worship our sweaty feet, while we make plans for the day. We are a little hungry and the slave's voice under our feet asks if he can cook something, but we don't trust this idiot for our food and we will order. We humiliate our slave underfoot while we make plans for the party, and he reminds us how amazing dancer he is, making us humiliate him more under our feet! REA And FATIMA - The New Neighbor - EXTREME Foot Domination And Humiliation NON STOP I moved to my new apartment and I invited my lovely girlfriend Fatima to visit me. We went to have a coffee outside, looking sexy in our casual clothes, sexy shorts and sneakers. We walk back home and I tell her about the nerdy guy that lives next to my apartment, probably he is a college student and I always laugh of how he looks at me drooling when we meet, I am sure he fantasizes a lot about me. As soon as we get in the building entrance, we actually meet the guy!!! I introduce him to my girlfriend and we take him up to my place to have a drink. And of course a lot of fun with this poor loser, but he doesn't know it yet! We command our new slave to remove our shoes and start to lick our sweaty feet! We start to tease him with our feet and explain to him his new life as our slave. He says that he doesn't want to be our slave, at the time he licks the sweat from our feet! What a loser! We humiliate him verbally while we dominate him with our feet in many ways! We change positions and we have his face covered under our feet non stop! We footslap him hard, we give million little kicks on his face between our feet, we make him lick our soles and suck our toes, we spit on his mouth, we wipe our feet all over his face and, of course, we footsmother him a lot! We have so much fun with the fatty boy, we totally make him our footbitch and we laugh at him and insult him, while he is under our feet! REA And EVIKE - Getting Ready - Foot Worship, Foot Massage On Face And Footstool 100% REAL LIFE CLIP!!! I don't use a hair dryer as I want my hair to dry alone, so I relax on the couch with my lovely Evike and we just relax. Of course I call my slave and we rest our feet on his face, massaging them, making him suck and lick or just use his face as our footstool. Most of the time we ignore him as we talk, sometimes we just play with his face and laugh. We do it in real life, why not to do clips about it? ;)

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