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Czech Soles - Insanely sexy feet in a coffee shop got to get worshiped

Jack visits his favorite coffee shop that is run by his good friend Charlie. As soon as he enters the coffee shop he notices this beautiful girl with amazing feet. She has light summer sandals, very sexy, practically perfect feet with nice toe rings. And shes playing with her feet, dangling her sandals little bit and Jack is turned on right away. He has to get to these feet!

As he engages in conversation with the owner Charlie, the girl notices it and later asks him if he knows the owner. Jack grabs the opportunity and after a short conversation he compliments on the girls feet and admits he really loves her sexy feet. Shes surprised but accepts a foot massage. Yes! This is an excelent opportunity. Being almost time to close the shop for today, Jack asks Charlie if he could leave him there a bit longer with the girl, that he has a great chance on her feet. Charlie agrees and Jacks dream is coming true. Now he has a chance to worship those amazing perfect feet with toes rigns and also those sexy sandals. He has to enjoy this as much as he can, because there will be no other chance for this!

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