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Czech Soles - Worshiping ignorant mean wifes feet

After some years of marriage things are not as happy as they were at the beginning for Megan and Charlie. Shes angry all the time and doesnt want to talk to Charlie often and he still loves her and wants to be with her. But most of all he wants her sexy feet to worship them and enjoy them.

Today Megan is watching a movie in their livingroom when Charlie comes and joins her. He watches the movie for a short while but with his wifes feet on the table he just cant control himself. He wants her feet! At first he just give those sexy feet a nice massage but he wants more and more. He asks for permission to worship Megans feet but shes just mean and arrogant but then she says that if hell finally shut up he can do whatever he wants with her feet. He just has to let her watch the movie.

Thats all Charlie needed to hear

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