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Young Goddess Kim - The Boot Command

 Young Goddess Kim - The Boot Command

At the begining of video You wear the chain on my neck, other end of chain is in Your hand. You slowly go to another room and sit down on sofa. You order me to kneel and lick your boots, soles, upper part, and then you put your boot heel deep in my mouth. After I cleaned your boots you become pleased and order me to sit down near you, telling me "you are good slave, and you deserve to feel my soft leather gloves around your cock'. You show me your black leather gloves, let me sniff them, then you put them on your hands.
Then you will start jerking my cock. Into 1min of your jerking you notice that i cleaned one of your boot not so well. You notice a little dirt on it. And you tell me: "Oh ... you have done your job very bad...... your cock will never feel my gloves again". "All that you deserve is my hard boot's soles". You stand up and put your boot on my cock. "You deserve only this from now on". You sit on sofa and start jerking my cock with your boots, giving me a bootjob. Then you order me to cum and countdown from 10..9.8. "If you leave the dirt on my boots one more time - you will never feel that boots too, slave!!!"

Model: Young Goddess Kim
Format: MP4
Quality: 1920x1080
File Size : 1004 MB
Duration: 00:17:11


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